Our Testimonials

“I very highly recommend this company if you’re looking at starting a gaming parlor. They are truly professional, very friendly, and make sure that as a customer, they are there to meet and fulfill your needs. They treat you like family and understand their business is your business. They can’t meet their needs if they don’t first make sure that our needs are met, and more than met- met with a smile. The staffs at Lattner are more than business acquaintances but thru our business dealings have become truly friends. No other gaming vendor in Illinois compares to them. Definitely 5 Stars.”

“I have been approached by several gaming vendors and had not yet made a decision on whom I was going to sign a contract with. So when I was approached by Lattner Entertainment Group I was prepared for another dog & pony show against their competition. I was indeed surprised when the Sales Reps sold their company and didn’t just give me reasons not to go with anyone else.

“The presentation was very informative and professional. Your sales brochures and the choice of games were outstanding. My wife wanted to start spending as soon as she saw the pictures!

“Your guys were able to clear up some of the confusion I had with the entire process and more importantly they had documents to support that information.

“It is clearly obvious that your company has invested time and money into the success of what is still a “gamble” at this point. So for that reason, it was an easy decision to sign a contract with Lattner Group and I look forward to a profitable venture for both our businesses.”

“I think some bar owners like myself, who may have considered working with their traditional coin operator and who might have a great relationship with that person, have not considered the amount of financial backing it would take to put this into action.  I am confident and trust that Lattner Entertainment will be there, not only with a solid business plan but the financial backing to make my gaming experience a success.”